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 If you love dogs, you'll love My Blind Dog Still Wags His Tail! A heart-warming story of a man and his not-so-young-anymore best friend. Snuggle up to your pooch and read this lovely story. 
This collection of stories took local author Christina Whittaker 10 years to compile.

"I stand atop the bluff looking back over the path my life has taken, the stories I have heard, the people I met, and the things I have seen." 

Local author Robin Walsh is new to writing but has kept a journal since childhood and writes a personal blog. She is a survivor of suicide and is now on a mission to help others.  

This book journals her detour and walk with and through cancer...."What you learn and how you react make all the difference in the world." Her journey continues.
Local author Synova Cantrell is a true crime writer with all the skinny on ex-gangster Sidney J. Heard. She brought him to her book signing and we got to hear his story first-hand!
Meela the dog is possibly our cutest local author! Pick up a copy of her story here at ABC. The best part? They are free with a donation to Meela's favorite charity, Pet Therapy of the Ozarks.
"The Physics of Love is all about connection, the starstuff that intertwines mother and child, soul and stone, and the living and the dead-'all of us spinning against each other in the dark' and 'bumping into God' while we're at it. With surprising imagery and fearless spirituality, Kirchner blurs the border between heaven and earth, delighting us with its gorgeous heartaches and mysteries. A dazzling debut worthy of savoring again and again."
-- Tania Runyan

ATTENTION HISTORY BUFFS! We have a book for you. In this book, Mat Clark provides evidence that the Founding Fathers founded this nation on God and Christian principals. He uses quotes from the Founding Fathers themselves to prove his point.