est. 1989
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While it is a storybook, this book contains information about the lives of sloths in the rainforest.
This is the first book in the "Elijah" series. Mr. Rippee has written several other children's books, and some for adults as well!
This picture book takes children through the process of yoga using paper doll illustrations. Kids can follow along and do yoga all on their own!
The characters in this book are all real-life farm animals on the author's farm. This is the story of raising Olaf and keeping him as a companion on the farm. Follow Olaf on his Facebook page.
Based on the lives of millions of American turkeys, this book teaches children about the founding fathers and US documents. It is broken into chapters with lessons and discussion helps. 
Jimmy is a ten-year-old boy who has grown up too fast. None of his friends believe in Santa, and it is no longer cool for him to believe either. Even though Jimmy saw Santa one Christmas when he was young, he still refuses to accept him.Can Santa restore 10-year-old Jimmy's faith and show him the true meaning of Christmas?