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est. 1989
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where are you located? 
A: We are located between Andy's Frozen Custard and Guaranty Bank at:  
  2109-J N Glenstone  
  Springfield, Missouri 65803 

Q: What are your hours? 
A: We are open Monday – Saturday, 9 AM - 6 PM We are closed on Sundays and holidays.
Q: Are you a Christian book store? 
A: We have a large selection of Christian and religious topics, but we sell books of all topics and genres.
Q: Do you only sell used books? 
A: Though we are primarily used, we do have some new books mixed in, for often less than retail prices.
Q: Can you tell me if you have a specific book? 
A: You can search our inventory on our homepage or you can call us at (417) 831-3523.
Q: If you do not have a book in stock, can you order it for me?  
A: Yes, we do custom orders for new and used books that can be shipped directly to you or to the store. In addition to the cost of the book and shipping, we do charge a small handling fee for this service. All custom orders need to be pre-paid.

Q: Do you pay cash for books?  
A: On occasion. We buy books based on our inventory needs, therefore we may not buy all of the books that you have to sell. We pay 25% of expected sale price in cash. You must provide a photo ID. Call for more information. 

Q: How does in-store trade work? 
A: Bring in your clean, gently-used books in a bag or box. We trade for books based on our inventory needs, therefore we may not accept all the books that you have. We give 50% of expected sale price in in-store trade credit.

50% of your purchase can be paid using in-store trade credit, and the other 50% is out-of-pocket (cash, check, or credit card).

Trade accounts are not redeemable for cash. Trade accounts will become inactive if unused for 2 years. In-store trade cannot be used on new books. We do not trade on Wednesdays. Call for more information. 

Q: What is your return policy?  
A: All sales are final; books bought in-store cannot be returned or refunded.  

Q: Can I donate books to you? 
A: Yes, we accept donations. If we cannot use them, we donate to a not-for-profit organization.  

Q: Do you buy/sell CD's, DVD's, and cassette tapes?  
A: No. We do buy/sell/trade audio-books. See our buying/trade policies above.
Q: I am a local author. Will you sell my book? Can I do a book signing? 
A: Yes! We love to feature local authors in our store and we are happy to schedule book signings to promote your book. Please call or stop in for more information.